Index Page for English Articles on Scientology

Scientology, Social Science and the Definition of Religion - James A. Beckford, Ph.D.

Scientology A Comparison with Religions of the East and West - Per-Arne Berglie

Is Scientology A Religion? - Alan W. Black

Is Scientology a Religion? - Gary D. Bouma, Ph.D.

Scientology A New Religion - M. Darrol Bryant, Ph.D.

Scientology: A Religion in South Africa - David Chidester

A Collection of papers by Bryan Wilson on Scientology

Scientology - Régis Dericquebourg

Scientology: The Marks of Religion - Frank K. Flinn, Ph.D.

Scientology and Contemporary Definitions of Religion in the Social Sciences - Alejandro Frigerio, Ph.D.

The Religious Status of Scientology - Irving Hexham, Ph.D

Scientology - A New Religion - Samuel S. Hill

Religious Liberty in Europe - Prof. Massimo Introvigne

Is Scientology a Religion? - A Report of Research by Dean M. Kelley

Reliability of Apostate Testimony About New Religious Movements

A Short Study of the Scientology Religion - J. Gordon Melton

Scientology A New Religion - M. Darrol Bryant, Ph.D

The Religious Nature of Scientology - Geoffrey Parrinder, Ph.D.

The Church of Scientology - Juha Pentikainen, Ph.D.

The Religious Nature of Scientology - M. Darroll Bryant

Scientology A New Religion - Herbert Richardson, Ph.D.

Scientology Its Historical- Morphological Frame - Dario Sabbatucci

The Relationship Between Scientology and Other Religions - Mr. Fumio Sawada

Scientology: A Way of Spiritual Self-Identification - Michael A. Sivertsev

Three Expertises by Geoffery Parrinder, J. Gordon Melton, Ph.D. and Samuel S. Hill

Apostates and New Religious Movements

The Church of Scientology as a movement of a new age in the world - Dr. Josef Wolf