As Scientology evolved, it developed a series of codes of behaviour applicable to particular situations. One is the Auditor's Code, a series of promises to be kept by the auditor in order to maintain professional standards. Another is the Supervisor's Code, which defines the principles of conduct required of persons providing oversight within the Church of Scientology. There is also the Code of Honour, which is a more general series of maxims applicable to human relationships. Additionally, there is the Code of a Scientologist, which provides guidelines for behaviour oriented toward the upholding of human rights and the spread of Scientology throughout the world (What is Scientology?, pp. 580-587).

Scientology has its own terminology for referring to behaviour which is harmful or which transgresses a moral code that one has agreed to. Such behaviour is termed an overt. An overt which one hides or denies is called a withhold. In the process of auditing, attention is given, inter alia, to overts and withholds which the preclear needs to come to terms with.

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